Iron Man 3 (2013)

IronMan3  A female friend of mine mentioned yesterday that 95% of men stop maturing at the age of sixteen to eighteen. Well, it should have hurt my feelings but it did not! Was it the 5% left or the feeling deep inside that, well, part of me is really still a kid that really enjoys a real good tale? Probably it is the second case 🙂

Well, Iron Man 3 is such a tale. Despite the fact it is the 3rd sequel, it does keep its freshness, delivers a good show and whoever enjoyed Iron Man 1 and 2, will certainly enjoy this one too. It does have a touch of philosophy too: the film opens with the quote “we create our own daemons”. How true… Don’t get too frustrated though: philosophy ends there!

My rating (for its kind of course) : 08/10

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