Tabu (2012)

tabuTabu of Miguel Gomes is a peculiar, unique movie. It is like two almost unconnected movies bind together, a short and a long story. Both talking about people: their differences and similarities, the ghosts haunting them. It is filmed in black and white (in 2012!). The director presents some scenes where one may here all nature sounds but not the people talking in the scene, as if this is of no importance to the plot. And yes, the eyes, the posture of the actor’s bodies, their attitude, shows more than the irrelevant verbal exchange they would have in that scene. The true story is narrated in the second part and this at times may be tiring but there are moments when it becomes very intense. Although a love story is hot a million times in the cinema, its presentation here has originality.

My rating: 06/10


  1. Where did you find this movie? Netflix?

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