The Pervert’s Guide to Ideology (2012)

ThePervertsGuide2IdeologyThe Pervert’s Guide to Ideology” is an equally good movie as “The Pervert’s Guide to Cinema“. Slavoj Žižek, with a logic sharp as a razor, analyzes how an ideology works, the hidden concepts conveyed “between the lines” in each and every one of them and why they are not so different between them after all! It is really astonishing to see the commonality between Christianity and Communism following his way of thinking.

Again, a number of films is used to draw material from and support his arguments. What was more intriguing for me was the fact that he brought up two of my favorite movies that few people remember: They Live (1988) and Seconds (1966) which have a lot to say at a level above the mere film story.

Even if one does not agree with the concepts presented, it is still an excellent movie to watch and think about.

My rating: 10/10