Monsieur Lazhar (2011)

Philippe Falardeau, the director of  “Monsieur Lazhar” mentioned  before the movie that there is a guideline for directors: do not make films with children or animals! Yet, he ignored that guideline and made an amazing film with kids. Kids which are righteous, generous, wonderful, magnificent, which we need to consider as full-grown ups in small size but we usually forget to do so.

A story that unfolds little by little, adding pieces to the puzzle as the film moves on. A teacher who learns from its pupils as much as they learn from him. A society that does not forgive sidestepping even if the results are healing.

Another film you should NOT miss…

My rating: 09/10

Graceland (2012)

  Graceland: corrupted politicians, child molesters, people forced to work for them, criminals, kidnapping, murderers, desperation, misery …

No doubt these things exist and make our lives miserable. But do we need to see it?

My rating: 03/10

Rent-A-Cat (2012)



Rent a Cat: Loneliness. Isolation. A hole in the heart. A cat that (even that if it is rented) may fill the void.A repeating pattern of different people with the same problem. Even for the renter 🙂 A different film worth watching.

My rating: 06/10