Faith, Love and Whiskey (2012)


Faith, Love and Whiskey: an engaged woman comes back to her native place to get together again with her old love. No faith,a lot of love, craziness and whiskey. The most beautiful point of the film is at the end where a poem is narrated about faith, hope and love.

My rating: 06/10

Una noche (2012)

Una noche: the misery of life in Havana for the film’s characters, the dream and realization of escape. Apart from that, not much really.

My rating: 05/10

Barbara (2012)

Barbara: humanity and kindness trying to survive under harsh conditions.

My rating: 08/10


See Girl Run (2012)

Our daily life has a demolishing effect on the romantic moments that bring people together. The routine, the daily hassles, the stress and numerous other reasons make people forget why they lead a common life in the first place. And on top of the pie comes the cherry: expectations. All the beautiful things we remember, because normally the bad things are forgotten. All the things we would like to do but we cannot in the state we are in currently.
See Girl Run: Realistic and simple but not simplistic.

My rating: 07/10