Amour (2012)

The love (l’ Amour) between a married couple the last days of their lives. This is a film almost played by only two people. Amazing performances, with scenes of excellent photography, a story that has a lot to say about dedication, love, tolerance, patience, grief …

There is a small problem however. With me. I felt guilty when the film finished. Despite what I saw, I was not moved. After some thought it became clear.

The people who the film portrays were at their eighty’s. That is born around 1930. It was the era when almost everyone was married for a lifetime. Sometimes having other people and/or circumstances choose the spouse. Of course, we rarely see that in the movies that want a happy story.  There were very few (if any) options of divorce these days in case of disagreements, incompatibilities etc.  Is it nice when you have no option? In my opinion, no. What is nice is to have an option but decide to be with someone because you feel like it (having kids is a totally different ball game and out of this post, because it is going to become very lengthy).

So, what we are watching in this movie is (in my humble opinion) an exception to the rule. It is also something we very rarely find these days, although I do know some couples that did decide to stay together for several decades. Which is great for the reason stated above.  My proposal to them is to see the movie, and my wish is to share a similar love and to have a better ending. Leave this life standing on two feet with dignity is a gift after all.

To those who are not in the above category, well, do not feel guilty: there are so many wonderful things in life 🙂

My rating: 06/10



Pigs and Battleships (1961)


When surviving conditions are hard, there might be the option to survive “the easy way”. With the difference that “the easy way” has a disproportional social, emotional and psychological cost on the long run. Shôhei Imamura shows multiple well portrayed characters to make his point. There is a distance between the Western and Japanese culture acting as an obstacle in understanding. achieving a clear cross-cultural message is a feast 🙂

My rating: 08/10

Gimme the Loot (2012)


A face of United States which may be suspected but never displayed so clearly. People living outside the “american dream” having their own dreams of creation and accomplishment. And others, wealthy enough to lead a life they choose, resorting to drugs in order to have a better reality.
A movie where most of the things said are unspoken.

My rating: 05/10