Safety Not Guaranteed (2012)


Safety Not Guaranteed by Colin Trevorrow. Ok, this post is entered from an android directly from the movie theater. So, if you see typos, weird words etc, bear with me!
About the movie now. Original story and use of it for a discussion on human relationships. How much we need emotional safety, honesty, a hug to place ourselves into…With the difference that the truthfulness of this cannot be guaranteed!
Plus that things are not always what they seem to be at first.
I really liked that movie 🙂

My rating: 08/10

Between Us (2012)

There are numerous truths said in this film. Extreme behaviors that may take place also. The general feeling I had been that of a painting canvas where there may be small beautiful and other not beautiful pieces but the overall picture is far from being nice. This film gave a phony outlook with hard to identify origins. May be it was the lack of a position about the nature of things. Or the material used needed more work. The bottom line is that “Between Us” was not convincing.

My rating: 04/10

Smashed (2012)

Smashed by James Ponsoldt  had such a depressing start as a film that almost drove me out of the movie theater. I was glad I did not go. After watching it, it was evident that such a truthful, honest deposition of facts and life situations demanded such an opening.
Alcohol or drugs is an attempt of escape from reality to what we think it is a better place. A place we are not forced to deal with life.
They are other ways too…Many of us know some…But the concept remains.

The acting of Mary Elizabeth Winstead is amazing (it’s not only the looks 🙂 ).

My rating: 07/10