The Chef (Comme un chef) (2012)

Comedy is a difficult movie species. Its it because we have too much in our heads and we cannot be carried away from what we see? Or because we have a different sense of humor? Or may be we want (as always) too much? May be a mix of all the above 🙂

The Chef is a film that managed to make me laugh and have a good time. First of all, it talks about cooking! This is another aspect of life that I adore (and I owe that aspect to someone very special). Second it shows in a sarcastic manner how cost and absurd management may ruin the very essence of what they try to manage! Does it ring a bell? It also speaks of the true desires we have inside us and how these drive us to excellence if we allow ourselves to believe in them.

Well, it has its idealistic and overtone of happy ending but, hey, it is a comedy, not a drama!
My rating: 07/10