To Rome with Love (2012)

To Rome with Love” is the film of Woody Allen I liked the least so far.

There are four stories in that film which could be shown one after the other but are mingled instead. Does this make the film more interesting? Yes, it would be more boring otherwise.

  • A young couple coming from a village to Rome – Good intentions between people but hypocrisy and lies prevail. A lot of (justified) irony for the rules of the upper class. This is probably the first time Woody Allen displays such a resentment and bitterness for the other sex.
  • The young architect his girlfriend and the actress – When unreasonable passion may ruin one’s life. The stupidity of the male highlighted.
  • The retired opera director and the talent that can only sing like Caruso only in the shower – How one may reject retirement, that being a step before death without being ridiculed?
  • The typical Italian employee who attracts Media attention for no reason – This is probably the strongest story of the four, highlighting in the most caustic way the illogical and enervating news the Media is feeding the public. Just brilliant!

My rating: 06/10