Mr. Nobody (2009)

We make every day decisions in our lives. Some of them, quite hard, that lead us to totally different paths from the ones we would have taken if decided otherwise. Imagine having the ability to live simultaneously all these different paths, all these different lives. And on top of that imagine having clear memories from all of them! Mr. Nobody is a person, which at a very old age, is looking back at all these memories.

There are so many crossroads when we did/said or did not do/say something that led our life to a different direction. The film slightly reminds Sliding Doors, but it is not. It is more about decisions than events. It has a philosophical approach to “why do we fall in love”, how that affects us, what really is time from a scientific point of view, how do we feel when we are old and why … Mon oncle d’Amérique is one of the few films which, like this one, is merging science and everyday life in the same canvas.

Jaco Van Dormael wrote and directed a magnificent film and although the entire cast is excellent, Jared Leto, in the role of the old man, gives one hell of a performance.

If you like films beyond the ordinary, down to Earth scenarios, this is one you should not miss.

My rating: 09/10

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