A Separation (2011)

 A Separation is a lot more than a separation of a man and a woman with a child. The film and script by Asghar Farhadi does not differentiate between good and bad people. It would be so easy! It presents people like everyone we know. May be ever better than the people we know.  People that try to be right thing despite the harsh conditions they face in their lives. Yet, sometimes, things get very tough. In that case, for the ones they love, they may do something they would not have done if they were alone.

It is those people who fight each other, that may drive things to the limit, that sometimes make life unbearable. People which otherwise have good intentions.

At the end, the fight is paid by the ones that are the most innocent of them all: their own children.

A strong plot, realistic, truthful, full of humanity in every aspect, played by a unique cast where every man, woman and child provide a performance that pins the spectator to its seat. The start of the film, with a truly original idea is matched by a really amazing ending.

This is the kind of movie one sees every five years.

My rating: 10/10