La fin du silence (2011)

 What makes a teenager a rebel? Why one of the three kids in a family behaves like an outlaw inside it? Although the behavior is outrageous and subconsciously condemned by the spectator at first, the reasons behind it are gradually revealed. Kids are never the ones to blame.

Brute violence, hidden secrets in a film that pins you down.

My rating: 07/10

Another Happy Day (2011)

 The irony starts with the title itself: “Another Happy Day“! People that appear problematic regarding their behavior are difficult to relate to. However as more information is provided regarding the causes that drove them to this state, a paradigm shift occurs.

An American family unites again because of a wedding. Completely different people with different aspects for life are again brought together for a couple of days. People that never spent a moment in their lives to think about life itself. People that try to figure out what is the meaning of it, why we hurt each other, why we do not care…

This difference was never portrayed in a better way, like a lancet cutting through the behavior of the indifferent uncaring mass. It is not a movie you want to see when you are feeling down. It is however a movie you should not miss.

My rating: 09/10