Rise Of The Planet of the Apes (2011)

What would you be willing to do if a keen person of your’s was beginning to lose its mental abilities? I mean one of the things I was taught when I was young, was to deny the material world in favor of the spirit. The spirit provided by the human mind. What a thought, really!. It seamed so indestructible at that time! Yet, when Alzheimer’s disease hits that very spirit, there is not much left, is there? Tis probably goes outside the scope of a film blog, but one of the things I pray for, for the people I love ,is to leave life with full mental capacity. We have to leave it some time, eventually, nothing is more certain that. But it is a blessing indeed if we manage to leave it knowing we have become burden to no one, that we have full knowledge of that.

So, Rise of the Planet of the Apes, begins based on the initiative of a geneticist with a father with the above mentioned disease, experimenting on chimpanzees with a drug trying to cure Alzheimer’s disease. An excellent sci-fi movie, depicting the cruelty of people against animals, people, the role of money (yes! that too!), very good script, a story with no gaps, a story and film that really flows, well beyond a sequel of the Plant of the Apes.

Worth seeing definitely!

My rating: 07/10

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