The Tree of Life (2011)

The theme: a typical American family. The outcome: an inspired film by Terrence Malick. The loss of a child, unexplained at first, the ache of parents and brothers, family relationships, the struggle of the individuals for accomplishment, their philosophical viewpoint of life all presented in an original way. The crucial event is presented shifting viewpoint from  one’s perspective to another, compared to the Nature’s processes, contrasting the individual with its beliefs to the magnificent Whole…
Photography is excellent, acting is exquisite even from the actors of small age.
The Tree of Life is a movie strongly deviating from a traditional theme presentation, revealing numerous issues. It is not an easy film to follow but one worth seeing.

My rating: 08/10

PS. The film’s poster is the only one so far of this size, to match the eccentricity of movie!

No post today!

It’s being some time since an entry was made to this blog. It is interesting how this has a different perspective regarding the life of the author. Of any author … While significant events may happen to an individual prohibiting it from seeing films and priorities dictate the absence of blog entries, a blog seeing as an autonomous entity provides a different, more demanding view regarding its existence.
Looks like the projection of a multidimensional object on a line: major info is lost.

How many blogs one must maintain to project his life on the web? :)) Ridiculous!

Life and helping others is more important after all 🙂