The Counterfeiters (2007)

 When the personalities, the dignity and finally the life of human beings becomes nothing because of the madness of war, when all values seem to vanish in the face of survival, when idealists, “respectable” members of the society (which they are usually different!) and criminals face the same unhuman situation, then the canvas of The Counterfeiters appears: a film of Stefan Ruzowitzky, based on the book of Adolf Burger narrating part of his own life (read the link, it is very interesting…).

One may wonder: to which extent things like those described in the film, do not happen sixty-six years later in another place of the planet? And to which extent, other, less obvious crimes, diminishing the human personality, dignity and even life as we know it, are not performed in  a wider, more massive  scale?

Excellent acting and a good direction.

My rating: 07/10