Pina Bausch (2011)

 It is extremely exciting when one art (the cinema in this case) attempts to elucidate the beauty of another (dance in this particular film). The camera has the ability to approach the faces of the dangers, which are not merely dancing, but also performing as actors their role, bringing extra detail and pleasure to the spectator. The focus on specific dangers at any particular time, the height from which scenes are displayed, carefully chosen to provide the out most of the performance, all present the best of each particular choreography.

Just for the first choreography, The Rite of Spring of Igor Stravinsky it is worth seeing this film. It would be impossible to pay attention to all the details presented even if you were lucky to see this thing in live. It is a wonderful experience. The Rite of Spring is not an easy musical piece to listen to. It is certain that you’ll enjoy the choreography more if you spend some time listening to it.

Apart from that, the way each member of Pina Bausch’s team narrated his/her thoughts, followed by a dancing performance of them, provides a mosaic of her personality to complete the one of the professional as shown by the different choreographies.

Pina Bausch by by Wim Wenders is a wonderful film.

My rating: 08/10