The Adjustment Bureau (2011)

In Science Fiction movies, most of the people are thrilled by the special effects. We live in the era of impression, presentation, occupation with the surface of things.

Science Fiction however has to do mostly with the essence and a philosophical view of the state of things. The Adjustment Bureau, based on a story by Philip Dick (The Adjustment Team) is one of these stories / films that deals with the emptiness of the individual, the ways it uses to fill it, the quest for a true companion and the notion of free will!

There are discussions in the film that may ignite a discussion for hours. Do not expect special-effects-wise anything: you will be disappointed 🙂

My rating: 07/10

1 Comment

  1. A pleasant two hours, nothing too deep though (the whole idea of someone controlling everything, is too theological for my taste, so I chose to see it only as entertainment). I would characterise it more as a romantic film, than science fiction, because the emphasis is on the relationship between the couple. I had read a lot about the chemistry between them, but I did not particularly like Emily Blunt. I would recommend it, but I do not expect to remember anything about it after a few weeks.

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