Veronika Decides to Die (2009)

Veronika Decides to Die: a depressing title to start with. A question whether it should be rejected just by its title. Ok, life is a gift and the title is provocative but that would be too much…Director: Emily Young. I have not seen another of her movies, they are not so many anyway. Decision: let’s give it a shot …

In the first five minutes of the movie one hears so many truths about life, relationships, the social framework…The decision was to definitely see it!

The film is unexpectedly good. It is based on a book by Paulo Coelho with the same title. Having such a young director come up with such a wonderful scenario would be a miracle on its own. But the direction is very good, balanced, emotional to the appropriate degree (if there is such a thing!) and rewarding. It really makes you feel human. Not so many films are able to do that.

Acting is excellent and the music is outstanding too: there is a piano piece (among others) which is reminds me of the New Age masterpieces written ages ago.

One should definitely see it.

My rating: 08/10

PS. Now, I can hear someone saying: you flatten all movies to the ground! Why did you put an eight to that one also? Answer: because it is worth it!