Blue Valentine (2010)

It is amazing, isn’t it? I mean, you meet someone, you’re thrilled with its personality, you become from interested to crazy about him/her. And after a while, aq time period which may be months, years (hopefully not days!), the glimmer goes gradually away, while other things, start to emerge, making you wonder what attracted you in the first place to that individual you once adored. Well, that is the case if there is no re-evaluation of what is happening and why in your own  life…In that case the question always remains the same 🙂

The impression one gets by seeing Blue Valentine is that it conveys in an excellent manner that exact feeling, by mixing snapshots of a couple’s lives from the period they are happy with the period they feel their relationship to break apart.

Real life true characters and an excellent direction.

My rating: 06 / 10