Le conseguenze dell’amore (The consequences of Love) (2004)

The consequences of Love” is a film by with many qualities. Paolo Sorrentino, four years before “Il Divo“, has created this film: a mix of an initially misleading slow pace, leading later on to a crescendo of action and plot turns. Innovative scenario, intriguing characters, mystery and suspense are some of the film’s characteristics. Toni Servillo (who played Giulio Andreotti  in Il Divo – almost unrecognizable here) is a “mystery” man who falls in love (in his own, mysterious, way) with Olivia Magnani (wow!), this turning his (and several other people’s) life up-side-down.

One thing: after all the stylish Italian direction, camera movement, change of camera angles,  plot turns and character interactions, one is really prepared to see an equally rewarding ending. It just does not happen! It is like the screen writer got really bored or really pressed to get over with the bloody thing and … well, ended it the fastest way possible! Too bad: it would have got an eight!

My rating: 06/10