Paprika (2006)

Paprika (Papurika in Japanese) is one of the most challenging animation films produced. Animation, due to its historical evolution (Disney studios etc.),  provides the spectator with the subconscious impression that what he/she is about to see is addressed mostly to children, thus requiring zero mental effort to conceive the ideas presented by the film. Well, this is certainly a bad start for a film like this!

Satoshi Kon created a film that works in multiple levels. Artistically, it is really amazing. The real strength of animation comes from the fact that it has the power to visualize in a seemless manner scene transitions, which are extremely difficult (if not impossible) to implement in a real world movie. The ease of doing that is apparent from the introductory titles of the film, let alone the rest of it. The colors and lighting of every scene, especially during dreams, are astonishing. The parade of the heterogeneous characters, household artifacts and equipment, crane etc is beyond description.

Conceptually, it is one of the predecessors of Inception (Existenz being the other one). Would you believe it is based on a 1933 novel?! Here, using a totally different initiative, we have the concept of the dream within the dream merged with the traumatic experiences of the individuals that rule their conscious lives. A journey into the revelation of the truth and subsequent liberation.

Action wise, there is a plot designed that really keeps the spectator on its toes, as things happen fast one after the other, with a constant shift between dream and reality.

Finally, there are several messages codified or open-wide, within the story, giving food for thought, and a music acting as the salt and pepper in the movie.

One of the best Sci-Fi films one should not miss!

My rating: 08/10

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