Hero (2002)

After seeing the previous film, I decided to watch again Hero of Zhang Yimou. There are so many things that play brought back in memory. But the way memory works as well as the things tied up with this film, are a subject of another blog to say the least.So, I’ll stick  to the film.

It is a rare thing to find so many breath-taking aspects in one movie. To start with, the script is a story that its surprises, cleverness and the way flash-backs are blended in the present do keep the spectator on its toes.

Photography looks like a succession of paintings evolving in time, frame after frame. The colors chosen and special effects intensify the feeling. Finally the music chosen, builds the emotions one has in an epic, thrilling movie.

Above all, that movie has so many things to tell, that leaves one stunned. “Everything is under the same sky”. A phrase to be remembered, but understood by few.Despite its few melodramatic moments, this is one of the most complete films ever made. One of my favorites 🙂

My rating: 10/10

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