Room in Rome (2010)

There is a line between soft porn and an art film with erotic scenes. It is not a thin line. If Julio Medem wanted to show in “Room in Rome” the foolishness of the one night, the escape from a tough decision by using an erotic night as a diversion, the sudden closeness one may experience with a total stranger under some circumstances (to name a few cases), he certainly failed in doing so. The dialogues, the script, the underlying music provided a cheap feeling which spoiled completely the initial five-minute impression of the film. “Sex and Lucia” of his, was a good film. This is a very bad one. Avoid it!

My rating: 02/10

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  1. […] May be I did not see some really good movies that were played. Ok. But films like BrilliantLove and Room In Rome (IMHO) do not belong to the festival (at least not the one I am used to). It is very hard for me to […]

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