Brilliantlove (2010)

Brilliantlove (which as seeing from imdb was changed to “The Orgasm Diaries” – I wonder why: to be more … catchy??) is a film with … no purpose! One may justify the extreme erotic scenes, which are far from being romantic (as mentioned in the festival’s brochure – although there are a couple of exceptions to justify the rule), IF they are used as a vehicle to convey a message, a concept, a meaning. If a person is helplessly in love with someone else, no matter how stupid he/she may be, shows a minimal (!!!) care for that person, apart from using it as an object of getting pleasure. This lack of care is one of the many non-realities portrayed in the movie. The story is totally unconvincing and at the end, the spectator wonders what the whole … fuss was about!

My rating: 03/10 – the three being purely …  symbolic!

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  1. […] and the 14th. May be I did not see some really good movies that were played. Ok. But films like BrilliantLove and Room In Rome (IMHO) do not belong to the festival (at least not the one I am used to). It is […]

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