Into Eternity (2010)

Into Enternity is a documentary talking about of the side-effects of one of the civilization’s wonders: nuclear waste. When in the world there are 250.000 tons of nuclear waste that will be harmful for 100.000 years to come, there is an issue with some strange parameters. Nothing that humans ever made lasted more than a tenth of that time. What should be done in order to protect ourselves and the generations to come from the hazard they pose?

The answer with its benefits, drawbacks and questions is given by a facility named Onkalo in Finland. Finland is however one of the many countries using nuclear power to solve their energy problems.

The documentary is well made. It provides a thorough examination of every aspect regarding the problem and the examined solutions. People with different positions and expertise and role (scientists, technicians, legislators) are interviewed to have a global aspect of the problem at hand.

It is a film with a somewhat slow pace. The key messages it conveys could be conveyed in fifteen minutes with a faster, more aggressive presentation. That that would be a totally different film, wouldn’t it?

My rating: 06/10

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