22 Bullets (L’immortel) (2010)

A decision to end the past is consciously made. But the blood never dries up. There has to be a code of honour, a promise that once given must be kept: a code however, that not everybody wants to adhere to. Friends which are no longer friends. Rotten games that one does not want to play. A past that haunts you down. Snakes exist not only among the criminal but also in the authorities. It is not surprising.
Acting is great, plot keeps you on your toes: an excellent action movie. Would I feel sorry for an old criminal who decides to retire? No. Would I sympathise for the sam man who tries to adhere to a code of conduct despite all odds? May be. That’s the catch of the film.

My rating: 07/10

PS. If you cannot stand bloody scenes don’t go to see it.