Arlington Road (1999)

Arlingtom road, has a very tight story, excellent plot and plot turns, great actors playing the leading roles. An American professor (Jeff Bridges) teaching “history of Terrorism” in an American University saves the life of a young boy he finds bleeding, walking on a road near his house. The boy is the son of some neighbours of his, which he never had the desire or time to meet. Although initially the boy’s father (Tim Robins) seems a very nice typical American, something seems not right…

The film could be titled “Your next door terrorist” (!!) OR “you do not know from where the next terror hit is coming from” (!!). It simply states that you really do not know who your neighbour really is even if you have dinned together, if your kids are playing with his kids. It really does not matter. Be careful: if your neighbors starts questioning the way the government works, then there chances for him being a terrorist highly increase!

From this point on, my comments refer to the plot of the film.

One is really impressed by the alleged number of terrorists on this film: two making pictures of Jeff Bridges while talking to the FBI agent, three at the delivery service, millions (!!!!) stated by Time Robins during their fight!

In “Doubt“, Amy Adams as a the teacher, mentioned a quote by Franklin D. Roosevelt: “Only Thing We Have to Fear Is Fear Itself“. This eleven year old film is one of the many that followed (From Paris with Love, Unthinkable)  which promote in a subtle way the notion that terror is everywhere. In “Bowling for Columbine” one understands where that leads to.

My rating: 01/10 (for reasons analyzed in previous post: “From Paris with Love”)