12 Angry Men (1957)

In United States, the land of so many controversies, there is (among others) a status which makes sense: when someone is accused of a crime, in court, he/she is considered innocent until proven guilty. On top of that, the guilt must be proven beyond any reasonable doubt.
Very few people, not directly involved with courts or having a personal experience (themselves or by friends, relatives, colleagues etc) will ever really consider the importance this approach has to human life and dignity.
Sydney Lumet makes a film which reveals not only this importance but also the fact that it must b wholeheartedly supported by each citizen in order to stand. As this holds true for every other constitution we (as simple citizens) take as a given.
12 Angry men is the story of a jury set up to decide on the life of an eighteen years old-young boy, accused to murder his father. Those twelve men have to decide whether this is true or not given what they heard in the court. May be more important than that, what they will understand, correlate, compare, deduce, reject of what they heard in there.
The story is one thing: interesting, with turns, different characters, reality from every day life.
What is probably the most important of all things, is the guts that someone must have to stand for what he/she thinks is right, the time this is needed most of all. It is really so rare in all times!

My rating: 09/10

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