Social Genocide (Memoria del saqueo) (2004)

What happened in Argentina, with the corrupted governments that multiplied the country’s external debt,  eliminating the middle class and throwing it to poverty, has a lot of similarities to what is happening in Greece now. Social Genocide of Fernando Solanas is a documentary that was displayed in Philip during a three-day-six-movies collection (two days remaining) with the motto: information is shock resistance: ARM YOURSELF.

Although there are exaggerations regarding the way some events have been filmed, overall, it is a good write down of how a country’s wealth may be sold out in the name of efficiency and better management.

Find it! It is worth the effort in doing it and your time to see it!

PS. The remaining four movies are also very interesting:

Thursday 10/06/2010

@ 20:00 – Life and Debt

@ 21:30 – Bamako

Friday 11/06/2010

@ 20:00 – The Take

@ 21:30 – The Dignity of the Nobodies

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  1. […] The film was one of the six movies that Philip showed last week (see related blog entry). […]

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