Kick-Ass (2010)

Kick-Ass is up to the expectations of the spectator that likes to see Marvel comics brought to the movie theater. Although there are no super heroes with magic powers, well, there are some really neat scenes that all small and big kids (like me:)) like to see. There is also a very interesting message about what is happening to our society which is very well conveyed.

My rating: 08/10

Date Night (2010)

The first ten minutes of that movie I was ready to leave the movie theater. Then it got better enough to keep me in. There were some good ideas in it but not exploited to their full potential. Adding the american approach of “save the holly family” plus some truth about the life of couples in the States created an outcome which looked like a thriller / commedy / romantic movie in the blender without a so good taste at the end. Somebody might have had a better recipie for that coctail…

Do not waste your money.

My rating: 04/10