Green Zone (2010)

What a story! I am afraid that in order to display the full bullshit going on in this movie, I’ll have to comment on its plot. Unfortunately, there is no other way. So, if you want to see it, you may refrain from reading the rest of the post 🙂

Here we go:

– The biggest, most powerful nation in the world, i.e. USA, allows to be …. lead to war by … a high-ranking official in the White House who … purposefully provides to the press false (!) information about World Mass Destruction (WMD) weapons in Iraq. Can you imagine that?!?!?

– Although there is a … good CIA guy who is … wondering why the WMD locations provided cannot be found and is  … desperately seeking the reason behind this … inconsistency, things turn against him!

– Lucky for him, there is an American Sargent (Matt Daemon) who supports him and tries to find with him … the truth, risking his career, life, ….everything!

– Ah, yes! There is also the reporter that through Wall Street Journal published the story about the WMDs in Iraq and get finally … moved  and really … excited when the Sargent sends the … classified intelligence report, stating the truth about the game that was played, to the whole US press by discrediting her!

Excellent … plot, raging action, bravery, etc.

Finally: the truth about Iraq! This is the film that should be given the Oscar, not the Hurt Locker!

My rating: 01/10

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