Points in time …

Watching movies is such a fun. Then you meet with people and you exchange ideas about them, what you liked, what you did not, what was impressive, why this or the other thing was filmed this way… Thus the initiative to start this blog.

Suddenly I realized that since the time I started it, I was watching less and less movies. It felt like an obligation to write down my point of view for the film I saw. Writing things down, needs much more time and thought than just having a talk with a friend for it.So, at the end, it has become a stopper. A stopper for me not to see so many films as I used to do. Not having so much fun. Because the real goal – for me – is to get immersed into that wonderful world….This blog is a side effect of that need.

So, not all the movies I see will get in here. We have too many obligations in our lives to impose in our selves yet another one. I do at least 🙂

So, if you like to visit and comment, that will be great. As it always is 🙂 But since this is a small community blog, I enjoy more talking to all of you reading it than writing in it!

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