Up in the air (2009)

Jason Reitman made one hell of a film. Before seeing this movie I did not know that existed companies providing as service the firing of employees of other companies. But in the States, well, there is an opportunity for everything, isn’t it? Even for a shitty job like this.

Ryan Bingham (George Clooney) is an experienced professional in this kind of job. He spends 343(?) days traveling from one place to another, really enjoying this kind of life: luxury in hotels, airplanes and cars stemming from his line of work. Till one day he meets a woman who seems to be what he wants (Vera Farmiga) and another woman (Anna Kendrick) who is going to bring everything up site down in his work.

This simple story is an excuse to bring up in the open a number of issues:

  • the way companies treat people (just as expandable as a desk or a computer)
  • the way people live their lives, sometimes not realizing what they really want and need, what is important for them and what is not
  • the weight and happiness of relationships
  • the human aspect that should transcend what we do for a living: it is for a living after all, it is not the goal. It takes a LOT of effort for someone o realize that

Some times we do crazy things in our lives, because we realize there is no other way to move forward. Even if we hit a brick wall, we know, it is a step that had to be taken, in order to find out about the truth! So, there should be no regrets!

Do NOT miss it! It says so many things in such a short time!

My rating: 09/10