Fantastic Mr Fox (2009)

There are cartoons and there are cartoons… This one has a class as a friend said. First of all, its artistic framework: the colors, the scenery, the detail in them, the movement, they are very good. But its real strength comes from its story. Although its main characters are animals, it all has to do with human behavior (of course!).

There is this guy, Fantastic Mr Fox, who is not only fantastic, but feels the urgent, existence-threatening need to show everybody, but most of all to himself, that he is REALLY fantastic! This is of course a big source of problems :). It is also his need to be the “leader” of the relationship with his beloved companion! His emotional needs drive him, beyond logical thought, to act recklessly in many levels leading to .. troubles!

There is a kid-fox which, like any other kid, wants to be accepted by its parents and feels threatened when they admired another kid-fox in his age…and so many real characters out of human life dressed in the animal cartoon-form. Really wonderful…

A cartoon you should not miss: it is not for kids alone: grown-ups might learn a couple of things about themselves too!

My rating: 08/10