Les herbes folles (Wild Grass) (2009)

As wild grass grows through cracks of cement, so do the illogical passions and expectations of the human beings grow through their civilized masks. People with a respectable profile, display these cracks as time passes by and they see the ending coming closer, without having realized their dreams. A lost wallet is the cause for George Pallet (André Dussollier) to bring to the surface all his expectations and anxieties. Marguerite Muir (Sabine Azéma) also lives a well balanced life until she falls in love, so uniquely visualizing in the film the equivalent french expression “coup de foudre”. From that point on, everything in her life becomes a mess.

Alain Resnais makes a movie for the feelings we cannot control in our lives and the passions that peal off our civilized face with a playful mood and a tone of slight exaggeration.

It is not one of his best movies but is certainly a worth seeing one.

My rating: 06 / 10

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