Avatar (2009)

James Cameron created an amazing film and there are a number of reasons for this.

To start with, we have the fact that it is a real 3D movie. There are scenes where one is motivated to reach out and grasp objects that float around! There were 3D movies in iMax, etc. but this technology is one step ahead.

The scenery is a dream-like environment, something that just its conception needs to be praised. On top of that, one has the several flights of the characters and creatures in Pandora, scenes that remind one’s favorite dream when under stress: the sensation of flight as a counterbalance for the missing ultimate freedom and happiness…

With the above mentioned technology and scenery, another director might be content and just put a thin story underneath. Cameron however has a very good story which does not insult the spectator. There is a point where the , plot could have a better twist, less “Hollywood” like, but, hey, it would not be as commercial as the one chosen!

It is one of the best Sci-Fi films produced and it is highly recommended to see it!

My rating: 09/10


  1. Μετα την προβολή της ταινίας, μεχρι τώρα, εχει παρουσιαστεί ενα “φαινόμενο”, δεν θυμαμαι πως το λενε, οπου αρκετός κόσμος εμφανιζει μια μικρή “καταθλιψη” όταν πλεον αφηνει την ταινια και ξαναεπιστρεφει στον πραγματικο κοσμο. Αυτο λογω του οτι αυτος ο κοσμος που δημιουργησε ο Καμερον φαινεται να εινια ενας μικρος “παραδεισος” και πολλοι θα ηθελα να ζουν στην Πανδώρα.

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