The limits of control (2009)

Well, it is one of those symbolic films that you either love or hate! The limits of control one might think are those imposed by the main character to himself while doing his job. They are not, not the only ones at last. One has to “use your (his) imagination” – as one of the few tag-lines mentions in the play.

Discussions about music, films, art, science between people whose roads cross. Looks like strokes of bush with different colors on a white canvas…

I loved this film. It says so many things with so few dialogues! There are nice things but not something out of the ordinary. Jim Jarmusch talks about life, out daily transactions and their meaning, things that do give life a meaning as well as how well the control is kept and how it may be … broken!

Too much said 🙂

My rating: 08/10 … provided you like symbolic films!

Almost forgot: the poem of Arthur Rimbaud, “drunken boat” (le bateau ivre) mentioned at the beginning of the play, you may find here in English and here in French.