The Girlfriend Experience (2009)

From Steven Soderbergh, the director of Sex, Lies, and Videotape I would expect more. When the film ended, I was left with mixed emotions. The plot is orchestrated in threads of stories that intertwine, making the follow up of the story tedious. One must keep in memory several scenes presented, in order to have a final view of the puzzle. The question is whether it would be an equally interesting movie stripped out of its presentation? The answer is no. There are several issues addressed which are important and of real value. Like the fact that in a real relationship, one cannot have the other person exactly the way it imagines it in his/her head. So, somebody offering this illusion, even for a short while may be paid  handsomely. The form of the film is something of a documentary and a personal confession with a flavor of a traditional film, spread during its duration. The fact that Sasha Grey is an amazing woman, cannot put aside the impression is that she is playing herself in this movie. May be this is a good start for a non-porn movie but a real actor is one that has the ability to impersonate, bring to life other characters, personalities one cannot imagine they may be materialized… What was the goal, the basic idea that the film tried to convey? If it was to convey the emptiness of the characters portrayed, then the idea did come through!

My rating: 06 / 10