Whatever works (2009)

Woody Allen made it again :). Ok, I am a fan, I admit it. How does this guy, seventy four years old, manage to have such clarity in mind, to create such a play, to present the same old eternal questions in such wonderful and refreshing ways? Woody Allen never created a funny movie without embedding serious consideration about the meaning of life, love, human relationships, especially with the opposite sex and of course … death!
So, in the first five minutes of the film, he makes through Larry David a rundown of his idea about … well everything! Ok, the important things! A mere beauty to listen to the film’s main character’s spit out his ideas – or should I say its guts! – for the human race, why it is doomed for extinction, how love never lasts for ever, etc.
Pessimism and optimism spread in different characters, with the pessimism of the main character prevailing BUT also with unhappy people managing to finally find happiness in life, by putting away all the cliches in their way of living…
Oh, for sure he did not expect a good reaction from his audience when he was filming that movie. He says that through his main character at the end. Truth injected with irony is the worst medicine for those who cannot stand it. But he never made a film to be likable, just films to express himself.

So, Woody,  I’d like to dedicate to you that song that was heard in the “Front” to the end of the movie, which I believe expresses your whole being (as well as mine):

And if you, will arrive, to one hundred and five ,
and your heart is still young,
you will find, how hard is to be narrow in mind,
when your heart is still young…

Happy birthday Woody (December 1st is very close anyway!)

Almost forgot: My rating: 8/10


  1. Although the main character is full of pessimism (and imitates Woody Allen too much), the film is good fun. The girl is very fresh, but all the peripheral parts are the ones that make the difference! It is the right film to see if you are in need of some fun!

  2. Nice review. I agree with the Eleni that the film is lighthearted and, to put Woody in context, better than most options at the movies. I should have mentioned that in my article (I guess I was comparing Woody too much to Woody!).

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