Welcome (2009)

Philippe Lioret makes a film about immigration, humanity, friendship, love, life it self. There are no beatifications, no good and bad people. Just people in need and people settled. People who, when in need, will steal to make their lives a bit easier and those who will not…There are also people who keep their humanity and those who cannot.

It takes a lot of courage to make such a film: being honest about oneself, about the society one lives in, the friends you’ll have to face once such a film is released. A must see! Do not miss it…

My rating: 10/10

Pope Joan (2009)

Pope Joan is a European film based on a novel with the same title of Donna Woolfolk Cross. The story as well as the way it is visualized  are good. Actors are convincing in their roles. You’ll have two hours well spent watching the movie.

My rating: 6/10