The White Ribbon (2009)

white_ribbonIf you want to see how kid’s education may turn future citizens into fascists, this is a film you must see. It all begins with the fact that kids have a sense of justice which is unblemished by the dirt of  the grown ups’ around them. They tolerate a lot, but hypocrisy combined with unjustified cruelty, is the perfect recipe to lead them to extreme behavior. Although this is not an easy film to see, it is certainly worth your time.

My rating: 9/10

Moon (2009)

moonMoon is a science fiction film (my favorite species!) talking about people (best of breed). A movie by Duncan Jones, which under a well conceived plot, touches a number of issues: What can be said when a person does not even like its own self? :).  How can he/she like others? What helps a person endure a really hard situation? What is the driver behind all this technology around us and what the limits of this drive? Even if you do not like SciFi films, it is worth seeing! On the other hand, if you do like them, do not be intimidated by the film’s philosophical aspect.

My rating:  8/10