Broken Embraces (2009)

Broken EmbracesIt is really funny: Pedro Almodóvar was not of my favorite directors. Although I did enjoy the movies I’ve seen because of their anarchic approach and exaggeration of human figures, after a couple of days, it was hard  for me to remember the movie as a whole. Was I missing the main idea? May be. “Broken embraces” is however a different movie. The funny thing is that it triggered me to start writing this blog.

One will find in the movie the “usual” Almodóvar hilarious discussions between its characters :). But this is not the strong point of the movie. This movie really touched me for several reasons. It is a movie about love and obsession which takes away love’s very essence. About people and passion. About misconceptions and misunderstandings. About the truth, which when revealed, is healing people. About having in life a second chance when one thinks everything is lost. A well written story, like a thriller, a puzzle which reveals its parts, its links and dependencies along the way, doing so in a majestic way, without getting the spectator tired of the back-and-forth in time.

What may I say about the film’s photography? There are scenes that may stand alone as photographs, as paintings. Well, I did admire those…

I enjoyed every actor’s performance. But Blanca Portillo was really amazing.
From another point of view, it is a movie which partially talks about a movie! Who knows if Douglas Hofstadter is a movie fan: if he is, may be he would put in GEB another section about movies addressing the concept of recursion!

But do not let this last comment put you off-track :). If you have not seen the movie, do see it! Hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I did!

My rating: 10/10


  1. Hello 10000movies! Congratulations on setting up the new blog, which i find extremely interesting!

    A wonderful movie indeed! Almodovar at his best.

    It is really amazing how a biographical narration of a screenwriter can become interesting when messed up with a passion story. That’s why i believe this is Almodovar’s achievement.

    Regarding performances i think i would highlight Ruben Ochandiano’s. He managed to annoy me throughout the whole movie, but at the end i got the feeling that he probably was the only “innocent” character in the film.

    Concluding, I would say that i really loved the movie which kept me interested throughout the end. It is good that there are some really good films coming to the cinemas before the end of 2009…

    • Hello Gpan 🙂
      Thank you! You’ re right about Ruben Ochandiano’s role. The “innocent” attribute did not cross my mind 🙂

  2. Nice initiative! Thank you for letting us know about this first movie.

  3. I wish you 10000 posts and even more visitors…

    It is better the blog than the emails, i agree 🙂

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